What Makes A Great LinkedIn Profile Photo?

What makes a great LinkedIn profile photo?

As a headshot photographer, I’ve had the privilege of taking photos of countless professionals.  These headshots are used on LinkedIn profiles and company websites.  Here are some tips to ensure your headshot stands out and makes a lasting impression:

Clarity is Key: Opt for a high-resolution image that showcases your face clearly. A crisp, well-lit photo exudes professionalism and grabs attention.  You don’t want to have a grainy low quality headshot.

Dress the Part: Your attire should align with your industry and the image you want to convey. Dress professionally and choose colors that complement your skin tone.  Sometimes I’ll ask my client what others are wearing on their company website, so that the shots I take will be similar to their colleagues.

Natural Light Magic: Whenever possible, choose natural light for your photoshoot. It enhances your features and creates a warm, approachable look.  I am mainly a natural light photographer and I love the professional shots that I take.

Eye Contact Matters: Maintain direct eye contact with the camera. It establishes trust and shows you’re engaged.  I’ve had clients ask me if they could have a photo of them looking away from the camera. I always suggest they look directly at the camera.

Mind the Background: Opt for a clean, uncluttered background that doesn’t distract from your face. A neutral backdrop keeps the focus where it belongs—you!

Keep it Current: Regularly update your profile photo to reflect your current appearance. It ensures authenticity and helps people recognize you in professional settings.  This is important especially if you’ve changed your hairstyle or now have facial hair.

Remember, your LinkedIn profile photo is often the first impression you make in the professional world. Invest the time to create an image that truly represents you and your personal brand. 

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New Year - New Headshot!

What’s the importance in getting a new headshot this year?  Updating your headshot at the beginning of the new year is essential for presenting the best version of yourself in both personal and professional spheres.  Whether you’re navigating job searches, attending networking events, or aiming for career growth, a contemporary and polished headshot can make a significant impact. Take the first step towards success in the new year – schedule your session today and let your updated image speak volumes about your confidence and commitment to personal and professional excellence. Your journey to a powerful first impression starts now.

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Is it time for a headshot refresh: When to Consider a New Business Headshot

Your professional image is your digital first impression, and a sharp, up-to-date headshot is key. Consider updating yours if:

There’s a Change in your Appearance: If your hairstyle, facial hair, or overall look has evolved, it’s time to showcase the current you.

You have a Career Milestone: Celebrating a promotion, starting a new role, or achieving a significant career milestone? Capture the moment with a fresh headshot.

When there’s Rebranding or a Company Change: Align your image with your personal or company’s brand. A new logo or corporate identity deserves an updated headshot.

You have an Outdated Photo: If your current headshot is more than a few years old, it might not accurately represent the present you. Stay relevant!

Need one for Networking Events or Conferences: Preparing for a big industry event? Ensure your profile reflects your looks like you and that the photo looks professional

Remember, your headshot is often the first impression you make in the digital realm. Invest in a professional photo to leave a lasting impact.  

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